Camping with the davis boys

February 6, 2018


I frequently feel the need  to break away from the crazy every day life, and have some peace and quiet, outside of the city life. Camp fires, smoke scented hair, and star filled skies are healing in a way I can't describe. This trip down south to Carlsbad was a great trip, not only for the get away, but we pulled Brian and Dezi (the brother-in-law and nephew) out of life to take a weekend in the outdoors with us. 

This was the first trip of several consecutive days we'd spent with Dezmundo (as Colin affectionately nicknamed Dezi). We could barely keep up with this little man's energy! Makes you stop and really think about having kids, when Colin and I were dead asleep for a 3-hour nap before Dezi and Brian had even left the campground. Just kidding. But the 3-hour nap is real talk. If anyone can bottle up a parents energy and sell it, I will buy you out of house and home. 

I'm barely able to get myself to pull together a decent meal in the kitchen from time to time, so I'm ultra blessed to be a part of a family where all the men can COOK. They probably hate me for grabbing a camera instead of a spatula, but their frequent teasing comments about"a woman's place in the kitchen" blah blah blah, doesn't motivate me to change any of my routines. They know what they did. 

We absolutely love any and all time we get with our little nephew and nieces. I'm so happy that Colin and I live so close to family. We first started dating when Dezi was 2 weeks old, and I got to meet him right away. I love being a part of these cutie's lives and watching them grow up. I've always wanted to have a home where kids and family would want to come chill and hang out with the "cool Aunt and Uncle"... Hopefully we're on our way to that dream status.