"I don’t know where we’re going but I promise it won’t be boring."


hello it's me


My Style

I’m a little on the editorial side and love to work motion into my shots. I embrace a free-spirited, easy, passionate way of life and find that like-minded couples tend to book me. I’m from California so that sunny-side-up way of thinking is soaked into every bone in my body, and I like to think that seeps through into my work. 

I tend to wash my work with a moody yet vibrant filter that’s both super on-trend but timeless at the same time. There’s a vintage flavour to them, but a contemporary zing at the edges. Above all, my work is relaxed. I don’t believe in overly posed, stiff-looking photography. That’s not what love is about. It’s about energy and vibrancy and hope and joy and uncontrollable laughter. My husband and I travel all over the world working with couples who live my the same philosophy and, believe me, there are freakin’ LOADS of you out there.


"You are worthy of your wildest dreams."


My Own Love Story


I’m about to get to know yours, so it feels only right that you know a little about mine. So my husband and I met in the ER working as nurses. Yep, just like Grey’s Anatomy but no Dr. McDreamy! And, y’know, more on the nursing side of things. On our first night shift, we ended up standing next to each other in our prayer circle before hitting the chaotic mess of the ER. We held hands through the prayer right after name exchange, then we didn’t see each other for a month before finally spending a shift together that ended with much flirting and laughing. Colin even staged a conversation about surfing, since he’d done a little Instagram stalking and worked out that it was a hobby of mine. We made a date to go surfing and the rest, as the say, is history. He was the friend and partner in crime that I’d always hoped for. He comes with me on location as my second shooter and has a fantastic eye. He’s been my absolute rock through this entire journey and reminds me every day that I’ve made the right choice in giving up medicine for art. It is so important to do what you love and love what you do, but it’s even more important to take someone you adore along for the adventure.


"Meet you on the cover of 12th and adventure"