Travel Diary - Hawaii 

February 6, 2018





Everyone needs a crew. I LOVE that we have friends that will pack a bag & travel the world with us! Ok yea, the traveling part is definitely extra, but back to having a crew. I never knew how important and valuable having a solid group of people was until I suddenly found myself surrounded by driven, hilarious, and fun-loving people. This trip wasn't our first time to catch planes and meet thousands of miles from home, and it certainly won't be the last! The excuse this time was our dear Lexi's 30th birthday. Perfect reason to ditch life in LA and start packing!


Airbnb again! This has been our primary mode of travel housing since Colin and I met, and started our world touring. Especially when traveling with friends, this gig can't be beat. 

I don't have anything extraordinary to show off about this place in particular, but it was great to crash in a homey place. We stayed up late playing drinking games, cooked a breakfast feast, worked out in the back yard, and watched movies in the living room.  I love staying in a new place and feeling like a local. 


I'm going to be honest, we didn't do all the hikes and exploration that I would have liked.  We felt like we needed another few weeks to do everything on our bucket list. No problem, we're already thinking about trip #2! We did make it out to the Tidepools at Makapu'u. What a place! The hike was short and sweet and we were definitely not prepared for the rocky terrain in soggy flip flops. But the views were well worth it in my book!


One night when we were pretending to shower and get ready for bed, the boys were setting up a little surprise cake smash for Lexi. Just kidding, she would have murdered us all. But how cute is this cake for our favorite dentist in the world!? Major props to Lexi's hubby, Rajiv, for straight up killin it! AND glow in the dark balloons??? I felt like it was my own birthday I was so stoked on these colorful magic balls. We dove into cake and then took our 30 year old to get a birthday Sazerac, cuz she's classy like that. 


I have a confession, I'm scared to death of fish. I have no legit reason for this phobia but it is REAL none the less. The last out of state trip to Mexico with our "Crew of Doom," I didn't have the guts to get out of our boat and jump in with the schools of fish. So I was less than enthusiastic for our snorkeling adventures. BUT, it turned out to be a real treat. The fish were lovely and minded my personal space, so we all got along quite well. And the views...ugh Hawaii, you are a real gem.

We finished out our North Shore day by having dinner at Beach House Haleiwa which had everything going for it. All the windows facing the ocean were garage styled, and opened all the way. The whole crew was totally vibin the restaurant, and we cheered to friendship, sea food (for all the non-veggies), mashed potatoes, and good memories!